We Travel Again! (Correction)

Woops! There was an error in the link of the last post. It has since been corrected.  It should have read:

For those of you still subscribed to this blog, we invite you to journey with us once more as we travel to Ireland and Scotland!  Come check out our newest Tour blog at https://sonorandesertchoraletourblog.wordpress.com/ !  We’ll see you there!

-Tenor I


The Wrap Up

This time last week, the Sonoran Desert Chorale had just arrived back home in Phoenix, Arizona.  As bags were unpacked, and schedules resumed, many considered the meaning of the previous two weeks. We sang in many beautiful cathedrals, and our last concert was no different, as you can see above and below.  For scale, please notice the choir, and then notice the pillar next to it.


Personally speaking, the greatest take-away was the respect and the gratitude that the people of France showed us as the people of America.  Although no write-up could truly do justice to the kindness extended by the French people, I wish to once more say, “Thank you.”  Thank you for the dose of reality you gave, by giving us tours of American graveyards, and explaining how meaningful they are to you.  Thank you for the kindness and hospitality you shared when, before we left, you insisted on speaking to us individually about how grateful you were that we were there. Most of all, thank you for the new friendships that were kindled, and the encouragement to return to France. You have left me a better person.

As promised, here is a video. We sang  “We Wait for They Loving Kindness, O God” by William McKie, with a solo by Jim Nelson. Enjoy!

If you wish to stay up to date on Sonoran Desert Chorale news throughout the year, please check out our website at http://sonorandesertchorale.org/ Hope we’ll see you at a concert soon!

Signing out once last time.  Thank you for traveling with us! Au revoir!


-Tenor I

Adventures in and around Strasbourg.

Yesterday was a free day for us in Strasbourg, and there many options for us to enjoy. Some of us went on a boat cruise, while others rented bikes.



There were wineries, and there were parks.



There was even a town nearby that had a WWI memorial, and still had some of the trenches from WWI!





With only a day remaining on this trip, the SDC is making their final preparations. There is a one more walking tour this morning, and there is one more concert tonight. If you are in Strasbourg tonight, come check us out in the Strasbourg Cathedral at 8:30! Hope to see you there!


-Tenor I

To Strasbourg!


Our last dinner in Paris was lovely, but it was time for us to leave. Most of the day was spent in a bus looking at the French countryside, which is a very pleasant view for the eyes.


Our first stop on the way to Strasbourg was Reims. Reims had an exquisite cathedral, as pictured below. Much had to be restored after WWI, as the bombings had melted much of the lead in the roof.


Our second stop was in Metz, for another stunning cathedral. We actually had the privilege of singing in this cathedral, and listening to it ring for a few seconds after we had finished! Once we have returned to the states, there will be videos uploaded. Until then, these pictures of the space, and us singing (pictured at the top of this post) will have to work.



Once arriving in Strasbourg, we took in the sights. The river that winds through the city can be crossed by a variety of bridges, most of which are decorated with flowers. The city is refreshing to the senses, with the sound of water, the smell of flowers, and the views of such beautiful landscapes and buildings. I am sure we will enjoy our time here.


Saturday evening will be our final performance for this tour in the Strasbourg Cathedral! To anybody in the area, come out to see us! It will be after dinner, and the performance time will be posted tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

– Tenor I

Last day in Paris!

With only one full day left in Paris, the chorale was given the freedom to do what they wished for the day. There were many options for the chorale, such as the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, or the Paris Opera House. It was an excellent opportunity for the members of the choir to master the subway systems. Some of us even discovered that they shut down at one in the morning! Still, the transit system was very helpful in getting around Paris.


Versailles, similar to the Louvre in its opulence, was once a living space for Louie XIV! Although each room had a different predominant color, they were all stunning. Even the hallways were overwhelming!


Once outside the palace of Versailles, one could explore the gardens at their leisure. Due to the enormous scale of the gardens, however, they also provided a golf cart option. Regardless of your mode of travel, the grandeur left one in awe.


Although we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Paris, we must be off to Strasbourg! Au revoir!


-Tenor I